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Just a girl from derby, aiming for a life worth telling people about.
Trying to push myself into doing more modeling work (

Mainly use this as some kind of journal though :D

Inspo is to get back to how a was a year ago. Give me some abs

Inspo is to get back to how a was a year ago. Give me some abs

Cant get a decent photo

Cant get a decent photo


Anonymous asked: This talk of being afraid of women in heels and such makes me beg the question, have you ever had a fight? If so... Was it a guy? Did you win? Haha.

Ive never really had a flight. Only with my sister when we were younger which used to be quite bad but nothing else really that I can think of

@maliceclothing  makes the simplest of outfits awesome

@maliceclothing makes the simplest of outfits awesome


Anonymous asked: I love you! You're so pretty!

Thanks ^-^ !!

Anonymous asked: You are absolutely gorgeous, if I ever saw you I'd just want to hug you and make you smile and brighten your day.

I love hugs….hugs make everything better :)

Just putting this out there

My relationships are my past.
A lot of shit went off… more than anyone knows. A lot of stuff id rather not talk about or in some cases even remember.
Both guys that ive been with are nice people,with cool interests and are in better places in there life now as a lot of time has passed. And im not willing to slag them off.
But Im also not willing to be made out to be a bad girlfriend as i wasnt or person in general as I try not to be. This doesnt mean im saying im a victim. As there is NO victim. They are simply relationships that didn’t work. That both me and my exs are over.

So third partys….. please get over my relationships that don’t involve you.

I won’t be responding to any more questions about my exes. Thank you.

Anonymous asked: So your the victim in it all. There's a surprise.

I never said that. A lot went on in both relationships. But im not really going to go through 3 years of all the shit that went off.

What do you want? Im a massive bitch that fucked my exs over? Well I didnt.
I can be a bitch sure… everyone can be.
But my relationships didn’t work out and me and my exes were ok afterward. So surely that says in itself I must not have been as bad as what YOU think of me.

Anonymous asked: Things don't just not work out. There are always reasons.

Yeah. I get that. But there was never something huge my first ex was 6 years ago? But it was messy and heartbreaking.he wasnt in a good place and I was young.
my last ex and I were simply never on the same page. He hurt me a lot without meaning to and my guess is I did the same to him. We were in different places when we first got together I worked in a bar 3 nights a week and still lived with my mum and I feel he was embarrassed by me. Then I started to get my life sorted but he wanted to go out and get wasted all the time and get high with his new friends and sleep with other girls ( obviously in the time we were together alot more went on but thats the long and short)


Anonymous asked: Why didn't the relationships work?

Things just didnt work out

under12parsecs asked: Yeah you are girly and squeemish!

I know. Its not like I like zombie killing or think horror films are amusing lol

Anonymous asked: What little things? Do you miss your exes?

I think I miss them but not as boyfriends if that makes sense. Both were quite cool guys with interests I liked and were generally good company. But the relationships didnt work.

I miss cooking for someone. Buying little gifts to see that someome be happy. The texts in the morning the cuddles in the night. Chilling out on the sofa stuffing our faces watching something or playing games. Or getting dressed up to go out (though I didnt really get to do that with either ex)

Anonymous asked: What are you fed up of?

Myself is the short answer.

My day to day life

Anonymous asked: Do you miss being in a relationship?


I miss the little things.

Anonymous asked: Any girl can can kick guys asses anyway girls who can run in heels can just do it in heels lol

Hahaha I love that.