Boredom averted

Just a girl from derby, aiming for a life worth telling people about.
Trying to push myself into doing more modeling work (

Mainly use this as some kind of journal though :D

Finding myself giving up with people

This week im going to make sure I start to take proper care of myself and start to feel pretty again :) gym times ahead too :)

This week im going to make sure I start to take proper care of myself and start to feel pretty again :) gym times ahead too :)


Anonymous asked: Do you know a guy called Slater who lives in derby ? If so do you have a number for him at all ? i think he is really hot and one of my friends said you knew him ?

I know who he is but haven’t spoken in about 4 years or something like that. You probably see him more than I do for sure.

You could always ask him lol :)

Autumn is my fave season

… until spring

Autumn is my fave season

… until spring



alip21seven asked: Absolutely loving the hair, it looks so good xx

thanks sugar :)

cant even get my social life in order never mind romantic…but these are the cutest proposal ideas…. and maybe one day ill find myself a player 2

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I followed the trail of perfume that soon made me nourtious.
As it was the closest thing to food I’d smelt, I failed to be coucious.
The hunger had taken over in a way I cant describe.
My hopes were all wasted though with every little lie.

Im an emotional reck right now. And the only outlet I can think of is here. Talking to my supervisor about leaving and breaking down into tears wasnt what I had planned for the night.
Ive been working 70hour weeks for a while now and its tiring me out. Im not eating well, gaining weight and im covered in bruises all the time, amd these little spider veiny things on my legs. I look at myself and as superficial as it sounds I end up crying at what I see. I feel tired and broken.
But im so scared of not working so much as when im not at work im just lonely and miserable and work keeps my mind off of everything. I dont think I can bare that much more.
On top of that its an extra income which helps pay my bills and day to day living.

I need sleep. But I needed to tell someone how I feel and the only thing I could think of was this.

just a quick hi,

just a quick hi,


what have i been up to??

recently ive been getting super frustrated with life, letting people and things get me down. maybe more than i should.
so i took a few steps to help me feel back in control and help me to move forward.

looked into starting driving lessons and it seems doable with my current income :)

looked up other job options, im not saying i want a new job…just seeing whats out there and really thinking if im happy with where i am.

looked into getting a flat mate, itll be more social and less quiet here. as well as the bonus of have a little more disposable income

ive been going out more, not really down town drinking or anything. just meeting up with friends going for coffee/ dinner having game nights… im getting better at not being such a loner.

even looked at going to uni, or at least starting courses to make me feel as though im tasking a step forward with my life.

and shock of shocks even managed to treat myself this month to a few items of clothing that NOT uniform plus the collectors edition of Batman origins with the statue of Batman and Joker! and it was a bargain too!

im not saying things are amazing. but things are better… just shows what a little motivation and working for what you want can do i guess :) and all it took was a little support from people who care and little belief in myself,
go figure.


citiestosuburbs asked: I'm glad you didn't delete, you're stunning and post awesome stuff x

thanks sweetheart. 

you still doing your photography? you don’t seem to post it as much? or i might just miss it as im not on here as consistently :/